We can face this climate emergency together.

From droughts in Niger to severe flooding in Yorkshire, most new disasters we respond to are caused by the changing climate. The number of these disasters is only going up.

When a climate disaster happens, our Disaster Fund means we can respond immediately. We provide the specific, tailored support people need in that moment - whether that’s emergency tarpaulins to keep people sheltered after a cyclone in Bangladesh, or cash grants and seed kits so families affected by drought in Lesotho can rebuild their lives.

The money you raise will go straight to our Disaster Fund, to help us reach people quickly and efficiently whenever the next disaster hits in the UK or across the world.


people have lost their lives to climate disasters in the past decade


climate disasters hit in the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic.


natural disasters in the last decade were caused by climate events.

Help communities hit by floods

One in six properties in the UK is at risk of flooding. Fishlake resident Barry felt the harsh reality of this in November 2019, when he was forced from his home after it was flooded with four feet of water.

“I have lived in this village of Fishlake all my life, which is 67 years, and nothing like this has ever happened [to us] before.”

Barry and his wife Sheila were rescued by boat by fire crews and spent a week in a rest centre supported by the British Red Cross.

“It is unbelievable. Without these people, I don’t know what we would do.”

Help families like David’s

David lost all his livestock during the drought in Kenya. His wife had to search for food and water and the situation became very dire.

The Red Cross provided David with cash grants, helping him to rebuild his life: “I am able to prioritise my needs. I can buy food, clothes, and even pay the school fees for my children.”

David also bought two chickens that he is now raising to sell eggs.