Your impact

We can face the changing climate together.

People are being impacted around the world right now – whether it’s families going hungry due to droughts in Kenya, or flooding forcing communities from their homes here in the UK.

But Red Cross teams are working on the ground in 192 countries – from creating early-warning systems, to helping to rebuild after disasters, using innovative technology and providing vital training, so that people are healthy, safe and can provide for their families.

When you ride this September, the money you raise will go directly to help people on the climate frontline. You’ll be cycling to help build stronger, more resilient communities, ready to face whatever tomorrow brings.

1 in 7

The number of people directly impacted by the changing climate in the past 10 years


The amount of damage which can be reduced with just 24 hours warning of a coming storm or heatwave


How much concerted action could reduce the number of people needing humanitarian assistance due to climate-related disasters

Picture of Fulchan (right) wearing white trousers and green shirt, and Joynab (left) wearing a green sari.  They are pictured sat outside their house in Bangladesh.

Help protect people’s homes and incomes

In Bangladesh, shopkeeper Fulchan and smallholder Joynab were both displaced multiple times by floods. Fulchan has now rebuilt his shop using cash grants, while Joynab was able to buy goats and sheep to sustain her. Joynab also recently moved into a flood-resilient house with help from the Red Crescent.

"When my house was damaged during the floods in 2019, I could not reconstruct it as I had no income,” said Joynab. “I had no place to go and had to suffer a lot during monsoon rains and bad weather. Now, I am more than happy with my new house. I do not have to worry about the upcoming flood.”

Picture of Amy (right) and her mother Ann (left) helping clean up the village of Fishlake following widespread floods. Ann and Amy are wearing protective goggles and flood suits.

Help us respond in crisis

When parts of the Midlands and Yorkshire were inundated with a month's rainfall in just 24 hours, British Red Cross teams quickly mobilised to support thousands of people who had been affected – managing rest centres, distributing donations and checking on the most vulnerable.

“To walk into the church and it to be alive with Red Cross people, sitting in pews and just offering support to people who were crying or distressed in other ways. That was the best act of kindness, for us, that we witnessed.” - Fishlake resident Ann

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Picture of Agnes wearing a white, floral dress selling produce at a market.

Help protect people’s health

In Kenya, severe drought and the pandemic resulted in many people losing their jobs, and Agnes and Jemimah’s households were both affected. As mothers of young children, they were struggling economically.

Through cash grants and food security programs, the Red Cross helped them set up their own farming businesses. They are now self-reliant and able to provide for their families, preventing their children from becoming malnourished.

“Red Cross came and empowered me…I do not rely on anyone else, just myself. I go out and get what I can and then share that out.” - Agnes